Free Custom AACD Video


*Only for those in attendance at the 2017 Las Vegas Conference.

*Only those with scheduled time.

1.  Watch an example.

2.  Select a time.


Schedule a time below for your 10 to 15 minute interview.  We will communicate before to answer any questions.  Even if you have never been on camera it is super easy.  We will ask you questions and you just answer.  Just be natural and we'll do the rest. 

If you don't want to be in the video, no problem we will keep the patient testimonials and your logo will still be on the video.  

Hey, it doesn't cost anything to try and if you don't like it,  we can leave it on the editing room floor. 

I encourage everyone to look closely at WRV. For us, it’s an easy decision
— Dr. Dennis Wells