What is Waiting Room Videos?

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What makes WRV Different?

  • No boring procedural animations

  • Patient engagement via testimonials

  • 24/7 playlist control and access

  • Implement your existing videos

  • Videos custom branded with your logo

  • WRV turns waiting into wanting

“Unlike anything you’ve seen before”
— Dennis J. Wells, DDS

The Science Behind WRV

WRV is focused on helping your patients realize how important cosmetic procedures really are. Testimonial videos from real patients provide a level of trust before they even sit in your chair.

You can educate your patients, we will engage them.

“Marketing should not end just because your patients are already in the waiting room.”
— Michael Russell, CEO

Dr. Marvin Berlin explains his results with Waiting Room Videos.


Dr. Givens is a WRV fan!


Affordability and Transparency

Aside from being an incredibly valuable product that pays for itself. WRV is a company founded on transparency and simplicity.