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Need New Patients?

Maybe not.


Why New isn't better when it comes to patients.

Treatment acceptance is the lifeblood of your practice not new patients. Remember, once you have a new patient you still need to build likability and trust before they are likely to do anything. This is a battle you have already won with your patients of record who return to see you.  This is no small thing as an .inc magazine article reminds us.  Waiting Room Videos increases patient acceptance by telling your patients what you do. Dr. Louis Malcmacher in a Dental Economics article clearly demystifies the myth of new patients.  "We are told new patients are the lifeblood of any practice.  This is totally wrong! New patients are an infusion of nutrients into your practice that you need on a regular basis but not as valuable as your current patients...In our office, we have spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years marketing to new patients. Most of this was ineffective, incomplete and unsustainable. "


Change the channel and boost your profits.

When assessing the market for video, marketing numbers tell the story well.  More users, are watching more videos, more frequently, than ever before.  In the retail space, 90%  of consumers indicate that video played an important role in making a purchase decision (comscore September 2015).   Of course you already know that video is a powerful tool based on our own personal experiences using it.   When it comes to making a purchase or researching a problem at some point most of us will end up watching a video, or several.    

Now and for the foreseeable future nothing is even marginally as effective for engagement, persuasion and conversion than video.  Youtube is the number two search engine and 87% of expected internet traffic this year will be video.  The message is clear.  When we want information we watch a video.   Your patients want information, they are 8 to 10 times more likely to say yes so where is your video marketing solution?

Video that works.

New research from Ascend2 shows the most effective videos are also the hardest to make.  They need to be of high production value, engaging and restate your practice brand.  Videos with testimonials continue to be by far the most effective to change attitudes and influence.  The videos in your office should be as good as what we are all exposed to.  If your videos do not engage, solve a problem, entertain or some combination you are communicating to your patients something about the level of quality you expect and the level they might expect from you.  

The producers, editors and videographers at Waiting Room Video average 20 years experience in producing award winning dental marketing programs.  Our work includes work with HDiQ Dental, The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), Smile Makeover, ACE, The Crown Council and many more including hundreds of independent dentists with which we have produced commercials, infomercials and web content for.  

Your videos will never feel like shameless self promotions.  Waiting Room Videos produce content that offers useful information that leads patients in a process where they can feel comfortable asking questions and learning more.  When you can embrace that your patients want to learn more and that they would rather you tell them, you are ready to utilize a product that helps capture your patients hearts and minds and removes the cost, implementation and challenges faced with traditional video content creation.  Nearly all of the videos feature actual patient testimony.  View samples here.

We are told new patients are the lifeblood of any practice. This is totally wrong!
— Dr. Louis Malmacher

"What's it to you?"

$15,000, at least.

Surprisingly, only 1 in 4 dentists have any idea what their current patients value is.  The most widely accepted estimate is $15,000.  This is the lowest current estimate and does not take into account a family or any referrals.  While all businesses depend on repeat customers, most dental marketing strategies focus on attracting new patients, instead of encouraging their current happy customers to  continue to come back or do more business. 


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The 8 minutes you are throwing away.

8 magic minutes

The average U.S practice keeps patients waiting just under 8 minutes (ADA 2014 Survey of Dental  Practices.)  How each of your patients is spending those 8 minutes is either earning or costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  And, like most challenges we face, the solution is remarkably simple and thanks to advances in technology, the cost is no longer an obstacle.

Any patient who returns to see you a second time is saying he knows, likes and trusts you.  The hard work is done and this changes everything as far as how you can talk with your patients.  Now you move from the "buyer/seller" relationship to the preferred one of "expert/interested party," where patients are ready to share their concerns as they are more confident you offer solutions to their un-met dental needs and wants.

Waiting Room Videos allows you to enter the conversations that your patients are already having in their mind and anticipate questions and concerns before they arise.


  • The easiest way to increase profits without increasing external marketing cost is to treat your current patients un-met dental needs and wants.  They already know, like and trust you. 

  • Your current patients are 8 to 10 times more likely to accept treatment from you simply because of your existing relationship. When patients know you care and anticipate their needs, they will reward you with the wallets.  Waiting Room Videos starts  conversations.
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Plug in your Waiting Room Video device into any television with HDMI.  It will detect your network and ask for permission to start downloading the custom content you have selected. 


Log into your account and see all the videos available and create your own playlist similar to   ITunes.  New content is constantly updated, even seasonal.  We also have "spa" like videos with beautiful scenery and music.


Your playlist will continuously play, delivering your brand and your message to not only your patients but to those waiting for them.  Your content is not streamed but downloaded to your device so no pull on your internet.


Immediately after signing up we will send you your media server and begin work on your custom  "Meet the Staff" video or any other private content you may have.  You can download videos have it running in your waiting room  the day you receive it. 


Marketing is meeting the consumer with a solution at a time they are thinking about the problem they need to solve.  Billboards, mailers and magazines promoting  "same day dentistry, sleep apnea" or whatever else you are promoting  work on those individuals who are in need of it at that moment. To the rest,  the message is "in one ear and out the other."  Your patients will never be more focused on dentistry as they are sitting in your office.   Not using video to talk about dentistry when that is all they are focused on is a very costly mistake to you and your patients.