Suddenly, waiting is not such a bad thing.


“Marketing should not end just because your patients are already in the waiting room.”

~Michael Russell, CEO


The Difference

Most waiting room companies focus on educating your patients. WRV focuses on engaging your patients. This engagement ensures your patients see real stories from real patients. The WRV difference, is in the stories told.

How it Works Video »

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The Idea

WRV focuses on encouraging your patients to think about your most important treatment types. Patients are much more likely to accept treatment if they feel the treatment type is validated. This validation is exactly what WRV offers.

The Power of Encouragement Video »

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The Value

Imagine your waiting room TV. Picture what is actually on the TV. Probably house flipping, sports, or the news? Now imagine capturing your patients attention through powerful testimonial style videos.

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“WRV only makes sense! You could have patients watching junk on tv, or you can show them amazing stories from real patients highlighting your best treatments.”

~Dr. Marvin Berlin, DDS


“Doctors spend a small fortune to get their patients in the door. Why wouldn’t it make sense to spend a little more to make sure they knew how amazing their services really are?” ~Elgin Leary, VP


Affordability and Transparency

Aside from being an incredibly valuable product that pays for itself. WRV is a company founded on transparency and simplicity.