Procedural Videos explain some of the other services or procedures you offer. From same day dentistry to implants, orthodontics to sleep apnea, these moving testimonial driven videos not only inform your patients  but more importantly they create excitement and stir emotions which lead to conversations with you.  

If you have ever been frustrated with a patient who, after hearing your most logical, thoughtful explanation of why they need something has said they "have to think about it," you are not alone.  Waiting Room Videos embraces what Neuroscientist refer to as the irrational rational buying process. It states, "People always buy on emotions and justify of facts."  (Source: May 2016 Harvard Business review, Michael Harris) Would you consider the possibility that every media is potentially effective provided it is applied at the right moment.  People will never think more about dentistry and its possibilities than when they are sitting in your waiting room. Leverage it! Let WRV  tell your story. 


New content is added and updated constantly.

Below are just a few examples.  Members can select any procedures or services they offer and/or the ones they want to focus marketing on.  They can change or re-order them as often as they want, even based on what patients are coming in that day.  You control what your patients are hearing.

A few examples of the procedural videos you can select


It is still one of the most requested procedures across the US and Canada.  It is simple, effective and affordable.  Patients usually are pleased and often excited about the results and often are more likely to consider changing other parts of their smile.  Your patients may not know the benefits of professional dental bleaching verses over the counter methods.  This video addresses the two common objections patients give concerning whitening.  Sensitivity and cost.  



Despite all the advances in dentistry which have reduced and often eliminated  pain and discomfort, many of your patients are still fearful of even walking in your door.  Many are embarrassed and others simply consider it "a part of life."  Of course you know that those fears is keeping them achieving a more healthy beautiful smile.  From a man who was petrified of the dentists to one who simple enjoys the ease of which sedation offers, this video enlightens your patients to the simple fact that you take their comfort seriously and that fear should never be a reason for putting off dentistry. 

Oral Cancer Screening

A powerful emotional video told by a daughter who explains how her fathers life was saved by her dentist.  Patients need to know that oral cancer is one of the deadliest cancers not because it is difficult to treat but because it is caught too late.  Stephanie and her father are emphatic about patients being proactive in seeking oral cancer screenings.  The patient is alive today because as his oncologist said, "Your dentist saved your life." 


Micro-Thin Veneers

We have other videos on minimal and no prep veneers.  For the fewer than 800 dentist nationwide who are certified and trained to offer Micro-Thin Veneers, this video is a must for you rotation.  It addresses not only the unique benefits of MicroThin Veneers but stresses your dedication to offer the latest dentistry has to offer for patients who are seeking a beautiful smile without any drills. 


It is one of the fastest growing and most profitable areas in dentistry. A 2015 survey by a leading implant company concluded that nearly 80% of the US population believes implants must be performed by a specialist like a Periodontist.  Only 10 % of US dentist place implants.  You have patients who need implants and if you think it is cost or pain that is keeping them from moving forward, you may be wrong.  Chances are, a majority of them do not even you offer them. 



Invisalign is the number one service/procedure patients site when asked, "What services did you not know your dentists offered?" 

Invisalign offers a number of advantages over traditional braces for your patients and can be a profitable, life changing procedure that often leads to additional cosmetic work.  



Taking patients out of pain due to clinching is one of the greatest gifts you can give patients.  For patients who experience headaches, the benefits from an oral appliance is immediate and life changing.  In the video we meet Debi.  Like many people, she was unaware that her dentist might be able to stop her headaches.  Explaining how simple the treatment was and life changing it continues to be, she helps your patients start to realize that you might be able to end years of pain and discomfortTo say she is a life long patient now is an understatement. 

A whiter smile. overview of Bleaching options

Most, if not all of your patients want a brighter whiter smile.  This video looks at all the options available including over the counter options and explains the pros and cons of all the options.  

Since bleaching and whitening is often the first step in a longer process, this video encourages patients to whitening their teeth with whatever option is best but remains consistent in suggesting that the best options are found right here at your office. 

Implants General Infographic


By request, this short "infographic" video highlights the benefits of implants.  

Through engagement by question this video, along with others on implants, describes the many benefits of choosing implants over other options.


Sleep Apnea

If you treat Sleep Apnea, chances are good that many of your patients are not aware of it.  In fact, a July 2017 article in The Journal of Sleep Medicine indicates the vast majority of CPAP wearers were not aware that an oral appliance might be an option.  Additionally, dentist were the fourth person considered as "those they sought information or treatment from."   

General Cosmetics

Only 3 in 10 patients are happy with their current smile.  Regardless of what has brought your patients into your office, if you offer cosmetic dentistry of any type you should not miss the opportunity to let them know that the smile of their dreams is affordable, easy and available today.  This short video assures your patients that   you  always start with the simplest and effective treatment but if more advanced restorative procedures are needed they need not go any where else.  

Veneers at any age

Recent studies show a surprisingly high number of patients still have many misconceptions about veneers.  While changes in products and techniques allow you to offer this life changing procedure to far more patients many of them are unaware that it can be done with minimal and even no prep and is nearly pain free.   This video shares two veneer patients stories. One is a college student who was afraid to smile and the other is a retired hairdresser who was surprised to find out she was a perfect candidate for veneers despite her age.  Both their stories dispel many of the incorrect assumptions about veneers


New videos added monthly!  The ones shown here are only a small portion of what is available to you.



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